A Shower Upgrade

With a handheld showerhead, you get additional flexibility because you can either let it rest on the holder or use it to focus the water spray on the desired body part. When you leave it in its holder, it acts as a conventional showerhead but when detached, it hands you over some more control on the spray angles and intensity.

If you have some kids in the house, a handheld showerhead with a hose is great for their convenience. While this is simple to understand, choosing the ultimate showerhead can be a daunting task since there are tons of different brands on the market. In this article, am going to share with you some of the impressive handheld showerheads I’ve looked at.

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome

This is an advanced showerhead which comes with 24 different functions in order to offer you an outstanding shower experience. You can either use it as a normal showerhead or use it as a handheld showerhead depending on your preferences. Unlike other models out there, the Hydroluxe will maintain an impressive water pressure even when both showerheads are being used simultaneously.

With this showerhead, you can choose between five options with massaging effects, raindrops as well as different water speeds. Besides the huge chrome face, this unit comes with rubber clean jets, click lever dial, a stainless steel hose, and a three-way water diverter. This is definitely a showerhead that will revolutionize your showering experiences.

While the Hydroluxe is best suited for people who love to have the best in life, it’s quite easy to install and you won’t be needing to call a plumber to do the installations. The amazing design is great for any bathroom and it will match with almost any other equipment in your shower. On the flipside, this showerhead isn’t easy to clean and you’ll have to always clean it immediately after you finish taking the relaxing shower. If you forget, there will be some water spots left on the showerhead and they aren’t easy to get rid of. With this showerhead, you should always avoid using cleaning chemicals because they can easily damage the chrome finish.

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  • It’s quite easy to install on your own
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • It offers high water pressure even when you are using both showerheads
  • It’s designed to offer an outstanding showering experience
  • It has different water spraying options


  • The hose is quite stiff
  • It’s difficult to clean

URBST Luxury Handheld Showerhead

URBST Luxury Handheld Showerhead

This handheld showerhead has been solely designed to offer an outstanding experience in the shower thanks to the multiple functions and advanced water spray features. For a relaxing shower session, the URBST Luxury has some raindrops effects. Although it has a simple and compact design, this unit has a very complex design with its ergonomic chrome finish. It’s made from a quality ABC plastic that is effectively covered with a chrome finish to make it more impressive. This makes it very effective but it maintains a lightweight.  

This shower head is easy to use although the manufacturer has implemented a square design that stands out from the competition. With this showerhead, you don’t need to put a mirror in the bathroom because it can double up as a mirror thanks to its shiny surface. On the flipside, this showerhead isn’t resistant to water and this means it can get some water spots which can lower its ergonomic appeal if not cleaned well. To ensure it maintains its outstanding look, always ensure you’ve cleaned it after every use.

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The URBST Luxury is very simple and you don’t need to invite a technician to your home when you are installing it. It comes with straightforward and simple instructions that help you finish the installation without incurring any extra costs. If you are looking for something that gives you outstanding functionality without leaving a hole in your wallet, this unit is definitely what you are searching for. However, don’t expect to be blown away by the shower experience but you can be sure it will be satisfactory.


  • It’s lightweight and easy to use
  • It’s cost effective and can be easily installed without any outside help
  • It comes with multiple spray options
  • It can double up as a mirror


  • It’s not water resistant and the water spots can damage the chrome finish

So What’s Earth Day All About?

The earth day which is celebrated on April 22 is a commemoration of the day when the environmental movement was formed in 1970. During this period, pollution was the order of the day and it was seldom a bother to the people. Vehicles were using leaded fuels and the unpleasant smoke was a symbol of industrial prosperity.

How the idea came about

oil spill in Santa Barbara

After observing the damning effects of an oil spill in Santa Barbara, Gaylord Nelson who was a senator by then realized that people needed a day to focus on the environment. In addition, he got massive inspiration from the student movement campaigning against the Vietnam wars and he realized that bonding the environmental campaign with such energy could make environmental protection a national agenda. The founder then puts together a team of about 85 people who would traverse the country doing campaigns for the movement.

In 22nd April in 1970, about 20 million Americans participated in a peaceful demonstration agitating for a sustainable environment. Colleges and universities were not left behind as they organized huge protests against environmental degradation. As this went on, people who were previously angered by oil spills, polluting industries, and raw sewage joined the movement for the worthy cause. Just like a nice hot shower, the Earth day got immense support from Democrats and Republican politicians. In fact, the movement achieved a great milestone when the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Just before 1990, there was a global rally which attracted more than 200 million people across hundreds of countries. This helped in launching the earth day on the global map and it immediately influenced the adoption of large-scale recycling efforts.

Earth day at the present

children lying on the ground

As the millennium was drawing closer, the founder organized a huge global rally but this time it was geared towards the pressing issue of global warming as well as the utilization of clean energy. This rally involved the participation of more than 5000 environmental groups spread across about 140 countries. Unlike past rallies, this one took advantage of the internet to organize and manage the environmental activists. The rally sent a serious message to all leaders of the world that the citizens were in need of a firm action addressing global warming.

However, things were not easy because the environmental movement had to deal with lobbyists from super rich oil companies who wanted people to remain ignorant of the dangers of irresponsible utilization of natural resources. In spite of the huge obstacles, Earth day was able to stamp its authority as a relevant movement that was there to stay. In addition, a global tree planting movement started and today it has evolved into the successful canopy project.  

Today, Earth Day has achieved a high status since it’s the largest secular observance on the planet. Besides, it has received the attention of more than one billion people and it has morphed into a day packed with constructive action that has influenced government policies. To date, the advocacy for a clean and healthy environment goes on with increased zeal since people have experienced the effects of climate change.

Saving the Wetlands

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a wetland includes marshes, swamps, bogs, riverbanks, mangroves, and rice fields. The level of water saturation is the determinant factor when it comes to the types of plants and animals that will thrive in a certain wetland. Wetlands occur in every continent apart from Antarctica.

mangroves swamps

Most environmentalists, as well as other individuals with a deep concern for the planet, have an intrinsic understanding of the important role played by these wetlands. Basically, wetlands are home to a wider variety of both flora and fauna when compared to other common landforms. Besides, they are critical in feeding down streams, recharging underground water reservoirs, trapping floodwaters, offering a habitat for aquatic life, and removing pollutants from the environment.

In terms of economic gains, wetlands are important to agriculture and other activities like fishing. As such, most wetlands are vulnerable to irresponsible utilization given that they have an abundance of food, water, and fuel. But when people think of them as unproductive tracts of land, they are converted to drainage areas.  

As the population increases, there will be an increase in the overall demand for food and land. As a result, more wetlands will be suffering from a greater pressure of overutilization.  

Wetlands act as unique wildlife nurseries thanks to their location between salt and freshwater, water and land. In fact, wetlands are home to over 25% of all threatened and endangered wildlife species in the US. Therefore, if wetlands were to cease existing, there are some important mammals, fish, and avian species that would be lost completely. Interestingly, a wetland is designed to behave like a sponge that soaks in wastewater that comes as a result of periodical floods. Simply put, they have a higher ability and efficiency of regulating floods, unlike manmade floodwalls.

Generally, trees are considered to be the lungs of this planet. At the same time, a wetland function as the kidney to the planet. Wetlands are great for cleaning heavy metals from the ecosystem as well as excess phosphorus and nitrites. As such, the planet needs healthy wetlands so that there can be a continuous availability of clean drinking water.

When we look at storms, wetlands are great for containing floods. Scientists report that a three-mile wetland is enough to lower a storm by at least one foot. In locations where there has been excessive land exploitation, the land can be successfully restored through the conservation of wetlands. Another study indicated that healthy wetlands with mangrove forests are critical in the reduction of dangerous winds and wave swells.

flooded area

Across multiple continents, rice is a staple food with significant value. Rice is cultivated in wetlands as well as delicious fish and other aquatic species that are used as food. Besides providing food, wetlands are part of amazing recreational areas where tourists enjoy activities like bird watching, kayaking, and hiking. These areas also provide employment to the local population as well as investment opportunities for the business community.   Most importantly, healthy wetlands are considered as one of the best ways to mitigate the ongoing sea level rise.